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In order to meet the growing demand for dry docks in places where the sheet of water is too little and expensive, we have created our storage modules completely adaptable to vessels of up to 8 meters in length.

The structures made in hot-dip galvanized steel meet the regulations of marine corrosion environment. Load and breaking load regulations. Anti-earthquake and wind resistance.

Without a doubt, this type of structure warrants to the user a security and guarantee for the vessel and an optimization of the spaces.

Dynamic adjustment system and easily adaptable.

TYPES OF EQUIPMENT Systems with central vacuum cleaner:

They are the most complete, cover the intake of large distances (up to 3000 meters).

They are characterized by a central vacuum that can accommodate the bilge water treatment system and sewage treatment.

Compact systems:

Simplified compact design and installation.

They are equipped with a diaphragm pump with high efficiency and low speed.

Mobile systems:

They are designed to be installed in trucks, towed on the roads or service vessels. Capacity is limited to the environment and typically reaches 250 litres.